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How to Prevent Salt Damage

The easiest way to prevent salt damage to your landscaping is to not use it. However, this is not possible for most people, as walkways need to be safe for everyone, especially children and the elderly, to walk on. There are a few other ways to prevent salt damage though.

Check what type of de-icing salt you use. There are some brands that do not have sodium in them. As mentioned in a previous post, the salt that has sodium chloride breaks down when dissolved and is more harmful to your plants and lawn.

A Couple of Tips to Make Your Landscaping Pop in Winter

Plant Evergreens

Evergreens come in other colors, such as yellows and blues, so the name is somewhat misleading. Evergreen means they keep their leaves or needles year round, and the tree is not bare. They are great winter trees as they offer color to your yard.