Getting Your Yard Ready For Spring

As spring quickly approaches, you will want to get your yard ready for the warm seasons ahead. You can start with some gentle clean up. If you have any snow that is still piled on your yard, try to move it around. This not only will get it to melt faster, but will get the snow off your grass and help prevent mold from growing. You can also start to gently rake your leaves and remove branches that may have broken during the winter, but do not rake too hard, as the ground is soft at this point and you could damage new grass shoots and roots.

If you did not get a chance last fall, you could also aerate your yard if your yard is compacted. Try to wait until you have mowed your lawn a couple of times as this will again prevent damage to new growth. While it is best to do this in the fall, spring works as well, and it will allow water to reach your root systems easier. You can also dethatch your yard in the springtime, and usually happens right before you aerate.

Most of the time, we have plenty of rain and melted snow to bring our yards back to life in the spring, but make sure your yard is getting at least 1 inch of water per week.