Keep Your Landscaping Watered


Now that we have had some warm temperatures in the our area, all your plantings are hopefully being kept watered and they are growing. However, as we continue to go through the warmer months, make sure your trees and gardens are properly fed so that they don’t wither away. Water bags are great for trees as they slowly release the water into the ground, and as an added bonus are lower maintenance and only have to be filled 2-3 times a week! There are also irrigation systems or garden hoses that slowly disperse water into flower beds available at your local gardening supply stores. Also, make sure to wated at the right time of day if you are not using systems such as water bags for trees. If you are going to spray your plants with water, make sure that you do it first thing in the morning, or later in the evening. If you water your plants in the middle of the day, the plant could be more easily burned under the mid-day sun.