Wet Yard


At this time of year when it rains so heavily, people often get wet spots in their yard where the water collects or cannot drain fast enough. There are several solutions to this problem, and you should try some of the simpler ones first. Try to find where the water is coming from before you take any action as well, it may just be that your downspout needs to be re-directed from a low spot in your yard.

If there is an area where the water is constantly flowing over and it prevents anything from growing there, you could create a creek bed. This way it will look more like an aesthetic feature rather that a messy trail of water.

If the water all flows to one place, you could create a dry well, which is simply a hole that is filled with gravel. However, this will catch the water, and because it is filled with gravel then the water drains easily into it. You can also add a plastic container at the bottom which will hold the water while it is absorbed into the soil around it.

You could also create a rain garden. This is a flower bed that could be placed in a low spot in your yard, and you can put plants that love water in there so they thrive. This will dress up the drainage spot in your yard so it is not just a puddle.

There are also a couple of drainage pipes you can use. A traditional drainpipe is something you can bury and the water will drain from your yard out to the edge of your property, or wherever you direct the pipe to go. This will create a wet spot somewhere else, but maybe it is somewhere that is not as visible so you would not mind. There are also French drains, and these are pipes that have small holes in them that will disperse the water evenly along its path. This does not need a drainage spot as your yard all along the pipe will absorb some of the water, and prevent any pools of water from forming.

There are several options as to what you could do with low spots in your yard that accumulate water. If your yard seems to absorb water more slowly than most, then remember that aerating your yard will loosen the root system of your grass and allow water into the ground easier. Give us a call if you have any questions or need assistance with your drainage needs!