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What You Can and Cannot Compost


Food and lawn waste makes up 25% of all waste in landfills. These natural materials are biodegradable, but they do not break down in landfills properly because they are so densely packed with other waste, and the biodegradable waste needs oxygen to properly break down.

Organic Soil

What is organic soil? Organic soil has been naturally amended by the decomposition of plants and animals. Unfortunately most of the soil nowadays in the world has been depleted and replaced by the damage caused by modern day industrialization.

Plants and Herbs That Are Mosquito Repellants

​1. Citronella Geranium

Not all citronell geraniums will repel mosquitos, but this particular kind (formally known as Pelargonium Citrosum) will produce an aroma that smells like citronella oil and ward off bugs.